5 Brands to Get on Your Radar in 2014

January 29, 2014 | Posted by rissvandal


We haven’t even made it more than a month into 2014, but I already have my list–my list of new and/or fast developing brands and designers I’ll be keeping an eye on in the coming year. In other words, here’s a look at who’ll be getting most of my money in 2014… This is going to be a year full of bold snapbacks, sophisticated casualwear, edgy otaku swag, and not to mention, some lolita sweetness. Take a look at five brands it’s time to get on your radar.



Lief may not be a new name for seasoned lolitas, but for many people, their knowledge of lolita brands begins and ends in Japan. Lief is a brand out of South Korea that specializes in cuteness, elegance, and beautifully detailed prints. And while acquiring overseas lolita pieces often proves to be a challenge, Lief thankfully offers a separate site (albeit with a smaller selection) for its US customers.


While a dress or full coordinate will run you  a few hundred dollars, the single pieces and small accessories will be more than kind to your wallet. You can shop their Korean site here, and their English site here.



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Badacious is the definition of bold. There’s something about a brand that features a brightly-colored spiked baroque bowtie inspired by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu that says it all. While I think the brand’s headgear truly steals the show, I admire the playfully outrageous nature of each piece across the board.


These designs designs don’t simply state–they scream “look at me!” in the best way possible. Shop Badacious at www.badacious.com.




In the past you’d find me shopping for sweatshirts somewhere between between rarely and never, but when I came across Jack Caligo, it made me reconsider my stance on the garment. The designer manages to create a piece that looks just as casual and comfortable as it does clean and polished.


With sophisticatedly subtle contrasts, sleek asymmetry, and a beautiful yet minimal use of polyurethane–a material the designer favors and says lends a uniqueness to his brand–I instantly fell in love with the statement-making simplicity. The metallics and clean lines come together to create what I consider to be a perfect piece of casualwear. Find the entire Jack Caligo collection here.





While “nerdy” apparel has gradually found its footing in the mainstream, you’d still be hard-pressed to find pieces that are equal parts nerdy and fashionably badass. Fiend or Fauxx, however, has managed to add a sexyiness to otaku fandom. From “BAKA” bandeau tops and snapbacks, to skeletal Totoro dresses and super sentai designs with a metal edge, this brand turns anime fans into a force to be reckoned with.



You can shop Fiend or Fauxx at fiendorfauxx.bigcartel.com.




At a time when loud 3D snapbacks and bone designs are becoming a dime a dozen, Philippines-based OS Accessories continues to create challenging pieces that clearly demonstrate there’s still room for innovation in a seemingly oversaturated market.


There’s something very genuine and sinister about OS Accessories designs. Each handcrafted piece seems to tell a dark and beautiful story that would complement any risk-taking wardrobe. You can shop OS Accessories here.


What do you think about these featured brands? Have you discovered any new brands this year that need to be shared? Feel free to leave any comments below!

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