Rooftop Anime Glam

December 7, 2012 | Posted by rissvandal

I know I don’t resemble one of those “real life” anime girls with the kind of bulgy cartoon eyes that are likely to haunt you in your dreams (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, look at this now), but I feel like there was a slight increase in my level of anime-ish-ness during my most recent shoot.

Slight resemblance? Just a little? MAYBE??

I was already a Gothic Lolita Wigs devotee, but my latest score–this Black Plum Sorbet wig from their “Lady Grace” collection–totally reinforced my love for the brand. I’ve had some bad experiences with bold-colored wigs in the past–totally clowny, unnatural results–but I have nothing but good things to say this time around.

The city I live in is kinda small, and I sometimes forget that rolling downtown midday in a bright yellow coat and a purple wig is a thing. According to strangers, this is my Katy Perry wig, and based on yelling teenage boys and whispering elderly women, one of my others wigs apparently transforms me into Lady Gaga.

As for the deets on the look, everything is vintage, and the eye makeup is Estee Lauder liquid liner.

Let me know what you think about my bright new look. I’ll be going right back to my gothy ways soon enough, but it’s nice to change things up now and then. I have Matt Hannon of 57NO Photography to thank for these beautiful shots–be sure to check out his page!

Photo Credits: 1, 3-6 – Matt Hannon, 57NO Photography / 2 – Chuablesoft,


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