Bloody Burlesque and Twilight Lullabies

August 1, 2013 | Posted by rissvandal

I haven’t been updating enough lately, I know. I’m gearing up for a moveĀ  so I’ve been spending the last few weeks doing fun things like sorting through all my crap, finding good homes for my unwanted stuff (I needed to make sure my tutus and spiked bras found homes with fabulous people), and trying to consolidate my large costume and prop collection so it can be moved with little to no hassle.

Those boring details aside, I have been up to other stuff. One of the things I’ve been doing, besides not updating the blog, is practicing with the band Astorian Stigmata, since I signed on as their live show keyboardist a couple of months back. You’ve seen the dudes before–they pop up in a lot of posts and photoshoots, so you might already be familiar with the fact that their general aesthetic is sort of like…dark Neo-Victorian gone mad…or maybe romantic goth meets visual kei. Either way, when they asked me to be part of a lyric video for their song “Twilight Lullaby” I rolled with those general ideas. I had just a day to put an outfit together so I blasted some Emilie Autumn, gathered every bit of black, red, and tattered fabric I could find, and got to work.


These are casual outfit shots we took prior to filming, as opposed to a preplanned thematic photo set, but I think there is a cool, kind of chaotic quality to them [Photos by Dennis Condusta]. The outfit somewhat resembles what I wore for this previous shoot, but way more amped up and crazed.
The hat comes from FanplusFriend Garden, the corset Heavy Red, and the boots Dr. Martens. The wig comes from my go-to shop, Gothic Lolita Wigs, the gloves are from Hot Topic, and the lipstick is Lime Crime.


Every other piece is offbrand, and the originally plain black bustle skirt was heavily altered with layers of red and striped satin, and that tattered “creepy cloth” you can usually get at dollar stores around Halloween (I run a high class operation, yknow?).





As I mentioned, all of the above pics were taken before we started filming video, which is when things got strange. The video is split between two other band members and myself. There’s fire, bathtubs of blood, Lost Boys train track antics…

Here’s a picture that was taken post-filming.


So if you’d like to to see me making super-kawaii gestures while covered in blood and see what other strange things take place, you’ll just have to watch…

So what do you think of the pics and the Astorian Stigmata video? Feel free to leave comments below.

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