Boys Over Flowers Kdrama Picnic

July 15, 2013 | Posted by rissvandal

Lately my greatest love has been Kdramas (Korean television dramas). One day I stumbled upon one (Shut Up and Let’s Go) on Netflix, and from that point forth they’re basically all I watch. I won’t go on about them too much, because I realize romantic melodrama isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I will say there’s one I love so much I decided to create a mini event around it, to both celebrate and soften the blow of the series’ finale.

Innocent, comedic (both intentional and unintentional) and immensely heartwarming, Boys Over Flowers started as a guilty pleasure, but now I’ll unashamedly state that it’s one of the best programs I’ve ever seen. It can be described as a modern-day Cinderella story with multiple princes, or else Twilight without the supernatural aspects and far better acting–but however you put it, it’s basically the story of a poor girl who steals the hearts of a bunch of self-absorbed, out-of-touch rich dudes, and a long, overly-complicated love triangle ensues.


This past weekend I prepared a Boys Over Flowers-themed picnic (I sure do love me a themed party, dinner, anything). Nothing too over-the-top, but with themed food and attire.  With my personal motto being “the more dramatic the better,” my original intention was to cosplay as the lead character, Geum Jan-di, but my school uniform was a bit too slow shipping from Japan, so plans changed. Instead, my friend and I donned summery outfits inspired and color-coordinated to match our favorite male counterparts of the show’s love triangle. Here’s Alisha’s light and lovely Yoon Ji-hoo attire.


And I, always clad in black and a fan of the bad boy in any love story, wore a look inspired by character, Goo Jun-pyo.


I prepared us a lunch partially modeled after the one the lead character makes multiple times in the series. Rice balls, rolled omelets, and some other stuff thrown in that references the show that I don’t feel like trying to explain (thanks to Cooking Gallery blog for the idea of adding seasoned Korean Fried Chicken to the meal).





Once night fell and we’d eaten all some of the food (damn, that was too much protein in one meal) and spent some time prancing about in our sundresses to music from the show’s soundtrack, we headed home and watched the last three episodes of the series, and got all emo and cried about it, as one does. If you’re a fan of kdramas and haven’t gotten around to seeing this show yet, despite it being four years dated, I still can’t recommend it enough.  And to everyone else–you have your True Blood, your Mad Men, your Walking Dead–I have my Boys Over Flowers…just look at the pretty pictures and that’s that.


Any Kdrama fans out there? What’d you think of our themed picnic? Feel free to leave a comment below or on Facebook.

3 Responses to Boys Over Flowers Kdrama Picnic

  1. Bump of Chicano says:


  2. Hope says:

    I have a Fashion Vandals hiatus, leaving you with G-Dragon, Infinite and SUFBB, and come back to you fawning over K-Dramas? And Boys Over Flowers being your pick? You are definitely the last person I ever would’ve thought would get into K-Dramas. 😀 Welcome! It’s a wonderful wonderful world! But, please tell me you’ll be watching others less crack-tastically awful than BOFs! xD

    • rissvandal says:

      Haha! Yes, BoF is pretty ridiculous, but after I discovered the lovely world of Kdramas I figured I had to watch this classic, and I totally fell in love (cheesiness and all). But yes, rest assured I am watching many others ^_^ Next up to watch are Answer Me 1997 and School 2013 (and I’m currently watching The Heirs). Any recommendations?

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