Bright-Eyed With KN Cosmetics

October 18, 2011 | Posted by fashionvandals

My latest makeup mission was to find more bright shadows with a matte finish, and to branch off from my usual go-to–Sugarpill Cosmetics–to see if I could find any lesser-known brands that offered impressive results.  

After a few misses, I ended up pleasantly surprised by KN Cosmetics. I usually like to go with pressed shadow, just because it’s quick and easier to apply, and I picked up two colors–Elvis Green and Mansfield Hot Pink. And hell yeah it was bright. 

As with every eyeshadow, you get the best results when paired  with a primer, but using a wet applicator brush will get you results that are just as bold.

The specific shadows I picked up were  $7.99 each, and they had a primarily matte finish with just a touch of sparkle (which, unfortunately doesn’t come through in the pics). There are dozens of colors to choose from, ranging from $7.99-$14.

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  1. kit kat says:

    In love with your blog! It made my evening. 🙂 Posted it on my Facebook fan page. I checked out your site and you have great pics and information so I am definitely going to spread the word. I am so glad you like the colors. We are working on a huge company project and we are expanding to more brighter colors, glitters and theatrical high definition makeup and pigments. With a new website and logo! If you shall need anymore colors just let me know!! We will still have our site up but will accept orders through email due to the magnificent changes we are going through!

    Best to you and all that is yours,
    KN Cosmetics

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