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Preppin’ For Christmas–Sweet Lolita Ornaments, Top Hats, and Spraypainted Trees

December 11, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

I spray painted my Christmas tree black this year (#GothicChristmas), and managed to both fail and succeed at the same time. In this picture–FAIL. With the patches of green peeking through, who would’ve known I’d already gone through three cans of black spraypaint, only to have to abort my mission due to an insanely painful hand cramp. Well, we’ll call it a work in progress. Three more cans next year and that should just about do it, I suppose…

Although in this picture, sans flash, with the lights turned low, it appears to be a success. Well, lighting is overrated, so that’s good enough for me.


Daywalkers Don’t Model for Lipservice

October 17, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

How the heck have I gone this long without bringing vampires onto the blog? I have no idea. Recently I’ve been having a lot more fun dressing up dudes than chicks, so I vamped one up to model some of my necklaces.

Me and my model, DJ Laury, headed to a sketchy abandoned building in a cemetery for these pics—though I wasn’t trying to be ultra-creepy, I just like the building. And as far as I know he’s not wearing any Lip Service, but a couple of times he reminded me that he didn’t want to end up looking like one of the awkward male Lip Service models. I love Lip Service, but seriously, check out their male models–super awkward.


Fashion Vandals Facebook Giveaway

September 9, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

Recently I stopped and realized that not one, but two year anniversaries have passed since I started this blog (that is, if I consider the strange Tumblr days as the official start), and there has never been one word about it from me. It’s time to fix that, and so in honor of my belated two-year anniversary, and to thank you lovely people for your continued interest and support, I’m doing a giveaway.


– Pair of “Supreme” false lashes by Sugarpill

–  Pack of silver conical studs from Item Factory (Get your DIY on)

– Teacup connector rings from Strange Days Jewelry

–  Skull cameo connector rings from Strange Days Jewelry

–  One bottle of the deep-blue shade, “Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue,” from Opi’s new Germany line (no, sorry, you don’t get the entire line)

That will all come wrapped up in some cute and creepy packaging, along with some Fashion Vandals pins and a handwritten Thank You note.


– Head over to the Fashion Vandals Facebook Page and click “Like.”

It’s as simple as that–no jumping through hoops. Once you’re a fan of the page, you’re officially entered. The winner will be announced on Facebook one week from today. Good luck!


Til’ Death Do Us Part – Saying “I Do” with a Gothic Flair

September 3, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

By Alisha Turull

“To have and to hold from this day forward,  for better or for worse,  for richer for poorer,  for traditional and unorthodox–wait what?” 

Yes, exactly! It’s the 21st century. Tradition has flown the coop, and in modern day style people express their personality from head to toe. Who’s to say you can’t do the same for the one you love when asking to spend the rest of your life with them? Now you’ve got to ask yourself, “Self? Are you ready to take that plunge?” If you are, be sure to check out the gallery below for some eye-opening options.

With coffee in one hand, and a boss out of the office, I got the chance to do some online window shopping on Etsy and stumbled across some real gems and talented independent jewelcrafters to compile a brief list of darkly elegant and ethereal pieces to show that special one just how much you care.

Photo Credit: Lyndsay Brown (more…)

Tequila Star Couture

April 13, 2012 Posted by fashionvandals

Any Sailor Moon fans out there? I’m always looking for ways to merge my love of cartoons and comics with my love of fashion, and this Moon Princess necklace by Tequila Star Couture was the perfect find–a simple yet stunning portrayal of the brave celestial anime queen.


10 Love-Themed Accessories that Aren’t Sickeningly Sweet

February 5, 2012 Posted by fashionvandals

I’m a self-proclaimed Valentine’s Day hater (always have been, always will be) but I figured I’d sort of acknowledge it. I may hate the holiday, but there are still quite a bit of fun Valentine’s Day appropriate jewelry and accessories out there worth featuring. Here’s the roundup of my favorite love-themed and heart-shaped pieces this year. I tried to look for pieces sweet enough, but not so much as to send you into sugar shock. Ugh…

1. Personalized Red Heart Pendant Locket by Charm Accents

2. Chains of Love Choker by Ghost Love


Strange Days Winter 2011 Collection

November 29, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

I was on a bit of a hiatus from jewelry-making for a while, but I finally got back to work and all of my new designs are currently on sale on my Etsy shop.


Assad Mounser’s Bohemian Edge

November 23, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

I’m not much into jewelry with an earthy vibe, but somehow Assad Mounser makes it work for me.


Dean Sidaway

September 7, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

There’s a lot of diversity throughout Dean Sidaway’s collections of jewelry and accessories, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about his designs at first, that is, until I came across these absolutely mammoth lace earrings.


Strange Days Jewelry Update

August 23, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

If you check out the shop for my jewelry line, Strange Days, you’ll notice that there’s not too much up for sale at the moment. But that will all change within the next few weeks, because I’m about halfway through the creation of the Fall collection, which I hope to have available by the end of September.

And though the selection’s a little bare at the moment, there have been some exciting things happening for Strange Days lately, most notably, being featured in a recent photoshoot with alt-model, Lady Noctis.

Lady Noctis was a past featured Model of the Week, and I’ll actually be interviewing her for the blog very soon… You can check out all of the images from the shoot, here.  All images courtesy of ©

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