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Opulence with Edge: Jewelry by Mawi

August 4, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

Certainly a lot more high-end than a lot of things I post about on here, Mawi caught my eye because, for all of its opulence, all of the pieces are a mixture of punk rock edge and an over-the-top playfulness.


Blood Milk Jewelry

July 19, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

Bloodmilk’s tagline is “Supernatural jewels for surrealist darlings,” and I couldn’t put it better myself. These ritual, alchemy, and Victorian mourning-inspired pieces, are individually handmade for each creepy kid that orders them. They’re lovely and I want the owl skull necklace… 

Jewelry by Jane Doe

April 5, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

So, did ya’ll know that Jane Doe Latex makes jewelry now?

Pearls and Swine

April 3, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

I love burlesque-wear to begin with, but the outfits and accessories from Pearls and Swine really bring it to the next level. Designer eyepatches, half mask fascinators, and black tear pasties. They have some great pieces that would be perfect for a darker burlesque act.  

Lily’s Graveyard

January 28, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

Lily’s Graveyard caught my eye for a number of reasons. While the store offers an extensive selection of pre-designed jewelry and accessories, there are loads of options available for custom pieces. Just check out their gallery (featuring some great models, such as Apnea) to get just an idea of the handmade creations Lily has to offer.

Another plus is the affordability factor. Granted, there are some pieces that are pretty high up there, but you can also snag a necklace or pair of earrings for around $10.

And while I’m usually one to pass on beaded headwear, these a bit more versatile than other’s I’ve seen. They’re more elegant and goth, as opposed to looking like Renfaire garb.

I’d have to say that, besides the headwear, the chain garments are the stars of the show. The chain bikinis and dresses are a definite splurge-worthy item. 

You can purchase items directly through Lily’s main site, or you can check out here etsy here.

Just heard about these hard candy ring pops that you can get over at

January 25, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

Just heard about these hard candy ring pops that you can get over at Fred Flare. Sticky, impractical, and a bit ridiculous, no doubt. However, unquestionably adorible and an entirely fitting accessory to complement a sweet lolita getup.

This morning I’ve decided I’m going to create a line of jewelry inspired by N

November 23, 2010 Posted by fashionvandals

This morning I’ve decided I’m going to create a line of jewelry inspired by Neo-Victoriandustrial violinist, Emilie Autumn. She’s been my muse for years, for her inventive and ornate costume creation, her dedication to her vision and the Victorian asylum world she’s created, her destigmatization of mental illness, her commitment to pink hair dye, and her embodiment of Neo-Victorianism. Everything she creates, both musically and aesthetically, has such attention to detail and expresses both beauty and torment.

For those unfamiliar with Miss Autumn, here’s just a glimpse… First, a few pics from her stop in the UK earlier this year, via Metal Discovery.

I also just love that fact that she tours with two of my favorite ladies, Veronica Varlow and Aprella. In the past, Ulorin Vex was a part of her group of Bloody Crumpets as well.

And some photos from this year’s lovely shoot with Bizarre mag

Designer friendship bracelets

October 23, 2010 Posted by fashionvandals

Designer friendship bracelets from Max and Chloe ($63), Ariel Gordon ($108), and Tods ($225). Overpriced, but nice pieces of eye candy nonetheless. Save yourself some cash and just use them for some DIY inspiration.

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