Photo Set: Creepy Kids and Cereal Killers

October 31, 2013 | Posted by rissvandal

Happy Halloweeeeen, friends! ^_^

Monster Cereal hits the stores but once a year and what better way to celebrate the arrival of this seasonal spooky goodness then with a photo set? To tell you the truth I only tried three of the cereals (I recommend Yummy Mummy). I’m actually not supposed to eat cereal, nevermind sugar, but I like the idea of Monster Cereal so…

Here’s some costumed fun for the holiday with a bit of behind-the-scenes anecdotes throughout:

Killer Gothic Lolita: The entire time those pictures were being taken, my grandmother was standing off to the side  (odd timing for a visit) repeatedly asking “What are you doing? It’s not Halloween, I don’t understand, why are you doing this?” Sometimes the best response is to pause then just say “the Internet.”

Use 7

Photographer: Carlos Phillips Images //Model: Riss

Ultimate Fruit Brute


Model: Markus AD

Kawaii Skeleton: We were in a playground. Parents were not amused. Children looked terrified.

Use 2

Use 1

Model: Jo Kielar



Model: V. Frederick

Glam Rock Bathtime: Before pics were taken I specifically had to explain “Do not eat the cereal, don’t even put it in your mouth. It’s been used before, it’s dirty and might have twigs in it, and that milk isn’t milk.”



Model: Mistr Grieve

Sinister Aristocrat: Not gunna lie, I am somewhat weirded out by myself in these pics. It doesn’t even look like me. I’m pretty sure it’s actually a man named Tomo who once worked at a host club and now fronts a Jrock band.


Photographer: Peter Phillips//Model: Riss

Cereal Spectre: Even if you’re taking the pictures and you’re the one who applied the makeup, being alone in a cemetery at night with someone who looks like is…disconcerting. Okay, that’s putting it lightly to try and make myself look like less of a scared baby. Let me be honest, I’m pretty sure I kept saying “Ew, ew, I don’t like this, ew, this is scary” nonstop throughout.

Use 3


Model: ???

Vampire Greaser: I took these pictures of myself in my backyard. I share a backyard with two elderly ladies who never speak to me. Imagine spending a half hour in campy crossdress, constantly taking swigs of fake blood to spit all over yourself, and gesturing at a camera across the yard while two ladies stare at you through their window in silence.



Model: Riss

Until next year, kiddies! Stock up on Monster Cereal while you still can (But really, don’t. It’s good for nostalgia but otherwise is a sugar face-punch). And if you have any comments or feedback about this photoset, sound off below!


8 Responses to Photo Set: Creepy Kids and Cereal Killers

  1. Carlos says:

    Reallly weird but Oh sooo cool. Creative stuff.

  2. VJ says:

    eww, i don’t like this, eww, this is scary!!!

  3. I like Tomo. so mysterious. I want to see more of him and learn about his life!

  4. Hope says:

    Love this. Especially about the ladies who you share a yard with! Hahaha, I live in a duplex subdivision so, yeah, taking themed pictures is.. difficult, to say the least. 🙂

    (Tomo is cool looking. I like him. I want to see more of him. Can we?)

    • rissvandal says:

      Thanks! And yes, sharing a yard can be incredibly awkward, to say the least haha.
      Oh, and don’t worry, Tomo is coming back FOR SURE.

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