Dark Style in the Summertime: Don’t be a Melty Goth

July 1, 2013 | Posted by rissvandal

I bring it up because I’m guilty of it myself, but more importantly, because I care. Last year I was stubborn. I didn’t care to conform to the changing weather–I decided that the sun should somehow conform to me. I worn tight black bustiers in the sweltering heat, black tights under shorts with knee-high boots, and I refused to stop layering. But my friends, you deserve more than constant discomfort. You don’t deserve sweat pooling down your back or forced smiles to prevent those around you from saying “I told you so”. Instead of fighting summertime, embrace it and learn to work with, not against it.


Dress: h. Naoto / Hat: Payless / Sandals: Offbrand

As I say all of this, realize that I have a primarily black wardrobe, and have no intentions of changing that. What you need to rethink in the summertime is not necessarily colors, but fabrics and fits. Think breathability, movement, and if you’re going to wear something fitted take advantage of light fabrics, cutouts, and short hems. And c’mon, if the temperature exceeds 80 degrees, take some time to seriously reconsider anything involving boning, pvc, lace sleeves, latex, or shoes that lace up beyond the knee…


This summer I can tell I dialed down my spookiness a notch. I think that AnimeNext con I attended had an effect on me, as I keep finding myself being drawn to sweet lolita accents and accessories (i.e. cookie rings, bows, pastels). A friend of mine dubbed this look “Kentucky Derby Goth.”

If you don’t intend to to ease up on the eyeliner during summer months (I know I don’t), it pays to invest in smudge-proof makeup. I’m wearing my usual go-to, Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Liquid Eyeliner, although a regular drug store brand will stay put just as well if paired with a dependable primer (i.e. Urban Decay’s Primer Potion).


Here are a few of my favorite warm-weather-friendly dark looks. Obviously everyone’s not a fan of shorts and skirts, but if you’re going to wear skinny jeans, stay away from coated jeans and corduroys.  And I feel like I shouldn’t even have to say this, but those big-ass wide legs that Hot Topic still sells for reasons I don’t understand–well they don’t look attractive to begin with, but wearing them out in the sweltering heat? C’mon now, even fellow goths will agree, that’s straight up clown town.


Gloomth / Syndrome


Refuse to Be Usual


Heavy Red


Lip Service / Lip Service


Tripp NYC / Obey

Here are a couple of my other summer looks so far. Oh! And uh…I got a new haircut, as you can see. The asymmetrical bob is indeed not a wig–I’m sure it’s becoming hard to tell at this point…think I’m at about 7 wigs and counting…


Dress: Thrifted / Boots: Volatile


Tank top: h. Naoto / Goth utility belt: Sixh / Cutout jeans: Royal Bones / Boots: Dr. Martens


Garter: Handmade / Ring: Handmade / Shorts: Celebrity Pink

What are some of your favorite goth brands to wear during the summer months? Weigh in below or leave a comment on the Facebook page.

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  1. Hope says:

    Cotton rules my wardrobe in the summertime. I’m not gothic but, I do wear a lot of darker colors and thin light fabric are so cool in the sweltering Southern heat I endure. Thanks for bringing some of these brands to my attention; I’ll definitely be checking them out. 🙂

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