Fangirling My Way Through Seoul Comics Road

December 5, 2015 | Posted by rissvandal

Myeongdong area in Seoul is an all-around great place to visit. Its glittering streets feature both high end and budget shopping, row after row of killer street food vendors (i.e. stuffed clams and fresh pomegranite juice), and not to mention random celebrity sightings. But the area that I really love in this trendy shoppers haven is the quiet yet colorful Zaemiro street aka Seoul Comics Road.

z6Featuring statues, signs, and street art, Zaemiro is lined with art from comics and animations around the world. It’s a somewhat meandering street and at times not the most pedestrian-friendly, but that’s in part what gives it its charm. A trip there gives you a chance to explore–you never quite know where you’ll find the next art installation. And the work itself ranges from cute and conventional to wtf (beefcake Pikachu? ehhh).

cr5Every time I’ve went the street has never been crowded, so there’s ample time for photo ops and general clowning. For those who prefer something a bit more structured, on the street you’ll also find Zaemirang and the Seoul Animation Center. Zaemirang is a comic museum and reading room focused on all things manhwa (Korean comics) and the Seoul Animation Center features a variety of programming from exhibits, films, performances, and a ridiculously fun statue garden (seen below).
nanaku 4 z8It goes without saying that a comics road is my kind of place regardless, but I made the trip on this particular day to do a shoot for Japanese artist, Lais Takanashi’s, Nanaku clothing line. Since a lot of his work has anime and comic influences, this seemed like an appropriate spot. The overall look features a Nanaku sweatshirt, leggings from Refuse to Be Usual, and Dr. Martens boots. 
nanaku3Nanaku 1Zaemiro road is a must-see destination for comic and animation fans or anyone looking for a playful way to spend the afternoon. It’s a lot more low key than I expected, but it’s a unique spot full of things that make you smile. If you’re more interested in the street art than the venues, I’d obviously recommend that you go in the daytime. That said, near the end of the road there’s a row of cute light up signs you can only catch at night…just in case you need an excuse to make a second trip.

Check out the rest of my Zaemiro pics below and feel free to let me know what you think!

z4 z3 z2Z 1cr1cr2


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    Very interesting for comic lovers

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