Fashion Inspiration: G-Dragon, K-Drama, and Boy Bands in Leopard Print

April 3, 2013 | Posted by rissvandal

My last few purchases and fashion choices were heavily influenced by Korean men, and it all began with G-Dragon…

G-Dragon’s a solo artist and member of the boy band, Big Bang. I don’t even know how I came across his rainbow comic wonderland of a video, Crayon, but with his cartoony charm and more loud costume changes than Lady Gaga, I instantly fell in love. His music? Eh, I can take some and leave some. But I latched on to his flamboyant style, full of hard-edged and delicate contrasts.



And yes, I went so far as to buy the “Wreckless” hat from his One of A Kind video.


And check him our here (left), in Vogue Korea. This, my friends, is my favorite way to ombre.


My next obsession: the dudes of Shut Up Flower Boy Band. Retitled Shut Up and Let’s Go in the US (you can currently see it on Netflix), this 16-episode Korean show is a young adult soap opera emotional roller coaster where everyone looks fabulous, brooding, and just the right amount of disheveled. I’d liken this show to Skins or Degrassi if you were to erase all the sex and put all the lead characters in biker jackets and leopard print.



It was somewhere probably around episode six when I broke down and snagged myself a leopard print piece of my own, inspired by one of the lead characters. I’m not one to often buy something just because I saw it on a show, but I have a weakness for sleek looking punk dudes and their fashion sense.


Last on the list, and I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve been really diggin on this K-pop group, Infinite. Super corny just like any other boy band, I know, but even at their corniest, I still feel like they still have more style and swagger than any boy band here in the states (or I’m just trying to convince myself of some reason that makes it okay).


Stylistically, I think I’m just won over by the excess of leopard print, leather, and plaids–I’m a little predictable, I don’t deny it.


Thoughts on these style pics–did I cross the line from cool into corny? Also, are there any k-pop or k-drama fans out there?

One Response to Fashion Inspiration: G-Dragon, K-Drama, and Boy Bands in Leopard Print

  1. Hope says:

    Hahahaha, I’m a K-drama/K-pop fan! Welcome to the wonderful world of GD. He’s definitely a fashionista, lol. The guy wearing plaid and leopard print’s name is Dongwoo. He’s a rapper for INFINITE.

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