Gothic Lolita Teatime

September 21, 2015 | Posted by rissvandal

 She had me at tea party.

If anyone ever mentions a tea party, I’m in. It doesn’t really matter what it’s celebrating or where it is, I all about anything related to dress up or pretty foods. In this case, however, my cousin asked me to help her plan and host a Lolita tea party for her sister’s birthday. Of course I accepted the offer, then proceeded to procrastinate so that I ended up having to make about 5 different dishes two hours before the party. All in all, things turned out pretty good, though. Take a look at the spread below.

photo 252You’d be surprised how versatile cream cheese is and how many different times you can cram it into one dinner menu without anyone really noticing, so long as you use a little food coloring and creativity. I made tea sandwiches, vegetable canapes, scones, and stuffed tomatoes, while my cousin supplied all the desserts (no damn way could I have made those petit fours). Note the wide-eyed and mega kawaii food pics contributing to the tablescape, courtesy of my brother.

3Out of the five people in this tea party, only two have an actual knowledge of what Lolita style and culture is, so it was pretty neat to see everyone’s take on the theme. Check out the fashion A game my grandmother (and really, everyone) brought to the table. My outfit features a skeletal belt from restyle, a Bodyline petticoat, underlashes from Dolluxe, along with an assortment of offbrand pieces.

photo 2The best part of the tea party was this prop filled photo area my brother set up for the party. Photo booths really bring out the (darkly fashionable) hams in us all.

photo 15

photo 3

photo 4

photo 1We also played a few rounds of “Lolita Bingo”–a totally ridiculous game I made but didn’t have the sense to take a picture of–and one of the winning prizes was a pack of fake mustaches. Hence, this happened. Also, my grandmother smoking a breadstick–that is all.

photo 5

output_QpQG3CAny thoughts on the pics or the event? Any tips for hosting a Lolita tea party? Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!


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