Looking Back at School Days, Zombie Makeup, and Fashion Fails

September 3, 2012 | Posted by rissvandal

It hadn’t occurred to me that school starts for most kids in the next week or so, until I saw a newsletter from my old high school sitting on my parents’ kitchen counter. Of course, I hadn’t realized because “Back to School” means absolutely nothing to me, considering I haven’t had a proper first day of school since about 2008.

The realization lead me to crack open a few photo albums–though not so much to reminisce, as to take a look at my style progression. My interests and influences have remained consistent through the years–ever since I hit double digits I’ve loved all things dark, bold, and punk rock–although when I look back, I’m reminded that my lack of funds, resources, and a strict music diet of street and horror punk all lead to some interesting fashion choices in my high school/college years…

The first two pics both come from my earliest college days. I relished the fact that I was suddenly living on my own, so I decided to go big, and apparently also go dead. Most days during this time, I could be seen in an ultra mini skirt, garter belt, and more times than I’d like to admit, decked out in atrociously applied ghost/zombie/attack victim (??) makeup.

I know I’ve posted this picture before, but this is, by far, my favorite hair dye job to date.

Unless it was during one of my tacky youth dance recitals, I’d never tried to wear lipstick until age 18 or 19. I think the first picture was literally the first time I ever tried to casually wear it…and failed. The next picture showcases what I wore the first time I went goth clubbing, and no doubt bored everyone to death.

It’s a shame I don’t have a close-up of my pants in the first picture. It’s strange to recall a time when skinny jeans weren’t a standard in every store, but a few years back I would convert flares and boot-cuts into skinny jeans, by hand, with dental floss, with the pants still on (so I could make them ultra-tight x_x). Try to imagine how bad pants would look if you tapered them by hand, with floss, just wingin’ it without any measurements or consistency. Yeah, mine probably looked worse. And next–my first Myspace mirror pic. As you can see, I basically lived in that studded denim jacket, and probably still would if I hadn’t forgotten it in Ikea about four years ago.

Looking back I can laugh a bit, but, except for the ghost/zombie makeup, I’d have to say that my high school and college years weren’t really that bad (though everything before that is an entirely different story). And though I look a lot more polished now and learned how to correctly apply makeup, I know I’m really not really that far off…

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