McQueen’s Vampiric Pre-Fall 2013 Collection Absolutely Slays (Pun Intended)

January 23, 2013 | Posted by rissvandal

First of all, words can not describe how much I am in love with this dark, sleek collection. Second–is there anyone else that can’t help but think of The Volturi (yes, that’s a Twilight reference) when they look at these images, or is it just me?


And while I usually don’t favor something so understated, I was taken aback by the simple yet stark, sophisticated beauty of this collection.


With the market so inundated with “dark” imagery–bedazzled crosses, “witchy” hems, and an endless sea of skull print (granted, I love some of it, but so many brands get it wrong)–it’s about time we see prominent designers re-injecting goth style with a much-needed touch of class. If not to overshadow all the cheese showing up in stores, at least to add more variety.


What are your thoughts about this collection–too plain or did McQueen nail it? Feel free to leave comments below, or chime in on the Fashion Vandals Facebook page.


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