Mickey’s Back: Fitting Disney Back into my Life and Wardrobe

January 21, 2014 | Posted by rissvandal


I first noticed it from Hot Topic, and if you shop there or live anywhere within 10 miles of a mall you must have noticed it too. Like a wave that crashed down out of nowhere–suddenly everything was coming up Disney. I’m not talking your usual pint-size Disney princess costume wear, I mean playful, sometimes edgy, sometimes sexy Disney fashion apparel for full grown people. Automatically, my gut reaction was “oh come on, how cheesy! Let’s stop trying to make this somehow look cool.”  Cute and nostalgic, yeah, but I just didn’t really get why Disney was relevant or attractive to anyone over the age of 12.


I didn’t get it…that is until I spent a week in Disney this past Christmas. I’d been there two, maybe three times before, but the last time was when I was in middle school, and before that I was too young to remember. I didn’t doubt from the start that I would enjoy it, but as my first time going to Disney as a grown ass lady, I questioned if I’d still be able to be swept up in it all.


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I’ve always had an aversion to anything that feels outright touristy. And whether I’ll admit it to myself or not, I always have “well, I’ve obviously gotta look cool and like I belong here,” hardwired into the back of my mind. But that’s not even a thing in Disney–what, am I going to pretend I live in the back of Space Mountain?–because you obviously come as a tourist, as almost everyone does.


I showed up with an arsenal of makeup, a suitcase of cute little shoes and dresses, but by day two the heat was already getting the best of me, and my desire to see Captain EO first thing in the morning far outweighed my desire to look impeccably goth chic. These pictures are probably the most casual, least made up pictures you’ll ever see on the blog, so don’t get used to it… Not to mention, the two times I did make the effort to dress up cute, I somehow broke a pair of combat boots while simply pulling some antic in our hotel, and while at an arcade on Christmas, I cut my hand and got blood all over the place from playing Soul Calibur too hard (true story).

Plus, 90% of everyone there, whether child or adult, was wearing mouse ears or else some other sort of adorably goofy (no pun intended) headwear–wookie hoods, mammoth bows, jedi cloaks, tiaras, etc. It was like every single person there had made a silent agreement to be unabashedly silly and suspend judgement for the duration of their stay. It was just really damn adorable.



I didn’t really end up with too many bloggable pictures–either they were a little too “family vacation,” or else I look incredibly terrible–there’s one of me and my father swing dancing in the street as fake snow falls around us that shows how much fun we’re having, but outside of my family could definitely be used as blackmail. Basically, the long and short of it is that I give Disney a major thumbs up as a vacation destination, even for a group of grown people. Also, shortly after I returned home, I slowly found myself giving a second look at all those Disney and Disney-inspired pieces I had been rolling my eyes at just weeks prior.

In my opinion, there’s still a fine line, however, as to what looks adorably badass and what might look a teeny bit clowny when it comes to rocking pieces featuring the classic character, but here are some of my favorite picks:


Bubble and Frown and The Velvet Village offer incredibly classy and sophisticated takes on the iconic mouse wears. These would make beautiful burlesque pieces, or else bold evening-wear statement makers.



This Too Fast beanie and these Mickey and Minnie tights, both of which you can pick up at Dolls Kill, offer cute and casual outfit complements that don’t so distractedly scream waaaaahhhh, look how much I like Disney stuff.


And I’m actually a little surprised how much I’m taking to this Forever21 collection, considering how on the nose it is, but I like the vibrancy of the colors and designs.

That being said, I think I’ll likely end up adding at least one Disney-inspired piece to my clothing collection, and my family and I are already talking about maybe revisiting DisneyWorld in a couple of years. I don’t know, as goth as I seem to be sometimes, I guess I can’t deny that I just like…um…fun.


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