Night At the Roxbury Motel Pt. 1

August 4, 2015 | Posted by rissvandal

Sometimes a hotel is just a hotel, but in the case of The Digs at the Roxbury, it’s more like an adventure-laden playground full of mystery. The Roxbury is a boutique motel located in New York’s Catskills, offering over a dozen themed rooms and suites, each with their own detailed and distinct theme (i.e. a genie’s bottle, outer space, meringue pie). I recently explored their most extreme lodging option, The Digs–a three bedroom archaeology-themed cottage full of secret passages, unique amenities, and surprises.

7My look for the trip includes an offbrand felt hat and stockings I picked up from a street vendor in Seoul and a pleated pastel chiffon skort I received from 10 Dollar Mall. For such an affordable price (everything in the shop is $10 or less), I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the piece. It fits true to size and is a wonderful accent for summer’s crop tops or for a pastel goth ensemble.

Here I am right before entering the cottage. It was a real drum roll anticipation type moment, as the simple exterior of the motel serves as no indication for what’s actually inside.

10Entering The Digs, you’re immediately faced with a huge boulder crashing through the ceiling of the foyer. It’s just one of many Indiana Jones references scattered throughout the space. Beyond the entrance lies a cozy seating area and a spacious living room.




The living room features an electric fireplace and shelves stocked with replicas and artifacts. The entire space is peppered with archaeological “finds” such as masks, books, and gold coins. The attention to detail actually makes it pretty difficult to determine what’s fake and what’s real. The hallways of The Digs resemble a library, featuring information to unlock the mysteries of the things you’ll find. Certain items in The Digs actually have their own legends and stories attached, such as the skull wine decanter and the fishtank.

23 27The fishtank is one of the most notable aspects of The Digs. It features a wide array of exotic fish and it spans from the living room and into the shower of the nearby bathroom. It adds a grand effect to the already over-the-top glittering gold room.

2817Each of the three bedrooms in  The Digs also has its own specific theme. There’s the explorer room, the regal room, and the secret bedroom. The explorer room is an obvious homage to Indiana Jones (though I suppose someone could easily mistake it as the S&M room), decorated with a collection of whips and even Indy’s signature hat. The regal room features gold-accented Egyptian-inspired furnishings and even a royal throne.

202924Although it’s the smallest of the three rooms, the secret bedroom is by far the most impressive. The door to the room looks like a stone carving that’s simply part of the house’s overall decor. Had we not first read about it on the website, we probably would have never thought to pull the level that revealed the room inside, which features a pull out bed and a fluorescent ceiling painted like the evening sky.1


12Other surprises The Digs has to offer include an outdoor shower (more private than it sounds), a front and side porch, and a stream in the backyard. Oh, and did I mention there’s also a secret indoor cave that allows you to spy on people in the living room? The cave was too dark and spooky for me to snap a clear picture, but it’s just as strange and cool as it sounds.

2113252235The Roxbury was certainly the most unique hotel…er, motel, I’ve ever stayed at. I could go on about how awesome the staff were or how we were temporarily convinced The Digs was haunted, but I’ll leave it at that for now. I’m actually headed back to The Roxbury again this week to experience their themed 2-floor suites, which I’ll talk about in my pt. 2 post. To find out more about The Roxbury and explore its other themed rooms, check out To shop my look as well as other cute and affordable items, check out


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  1. Chuck Sims says:

    Fascinating hotel and wonderfully written article!

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