October Recap: Nonstop Vampire Party

October 31, 2012 | Posted by rissvandal

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween : ) To tell you the truth, my Halloween day was actually pretty chill, but that’s mostly because I’ve been celebrating an early, extended holiday for the last two weeks or so. So what was my Halloween costume? Technically I’d say vampire (I was supposed to go with Lydia Deetz but I bought the wrong hat, didn’t realize till the last moment, blah blah blah), but here’s a look at my various costumes from the past few weeks.

I was a vampire.

And then a vampire.

Aaaand whatdo you know, a vampire.

Finally I switched things up a bit, and threw something new into the mix. I wore this outfit to a renaissance fair, and while I can’t exactly tell you what I was going for, I can safely say it was not a vampire.

I also spent a day prancing around town as a ghostly Victorian figure. I have the feeling that this ensemble will re-emerge again sometime in the future (aside–doesn’t my shadow look like it belongs to the singer Prince?)

My big pre-Halloween weekend was spent somehow cramming four events into one night, during which I reverted back into vamp mode. My two lady friends were murdered bridesmaids, and if you remember my friend Donald, who attended the Philly Comic Con with me, he whipped up yet another epic last minute costume…

So what did you transform into this month?


One Response to October Recap: Nonstop Vampire Party

  1. Carlos says:

    That shadow from the ghostly Victorian reminds me of the Nosferatu vampire.

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