Product Review: Serpentina Lipstick by Lime Crime

January 27, 2013 | Posted by rissvandal

I’d like to dub green as the new black–can I do that? It has all the dark edge of black lipstick, without the dangerous chance that you’ll end up looking like a kid playing vampire dress up on Halloween. That being said, I finally got a chance to test drive “Serpentina,” the metallic forest green shade by Lime Crime. I’d been searching for the perfect shade of green to go with my complexion for about a year. After a huge let down by Graftobian and discovering that Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics no longer carries their garden green shade of Lip Tar, thank goodness for Doe Deere and her wonderful glittering unicorns for delivering a much-needed product.


Like all Lime Crime lipsticks, Serpentina is easy to apply, smells like cake (man, I love that), and once applied, it’s on for hours. But amidst all of the pros, the one problem I faced was feathering. Feathering isn’t that uncommon, and it’s not a big enough problem to turn me away from a lipcolor I’d otherwise love, but the thing to remember in this case is, the lipstick is GREEN, and if feathering occurs, there’s no hiding it. But all is not lost–the key and absolute lifesaver in this case is lip liner.


Maybe you’re a fabulous person who doesn’t mess around and never applies lipstick without lip liner–but that’s not me. Unless I’m doing a shoot, in my daily life I’ll usually cut corners where I can. But in this case,  decided I could make the extra effort because it’s worth is. Obviously green lip liner isn’t something you commonly come across, but no matter, because eyeliner will work just as well. I can firmly vouch for Wet & Wild’s pencil liner in Green #662B. And I know some people might cringe at the mention of Wet & Wild (hey, splurge on the lipstick, not necessarily the liner), but it’s an exact color match and gets the job done–it will keep your lips perfectly shaped throughout the night.


So what do you think about Serpentina? Beautifully bold, or a little too green for your tastes?


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