Sexy Monopoly, Godzilla Bras, and Sophisticated Vamps–My Halloween Costume Faves

October 16, 2012 | Posted by rissvandal

Have you picked your Halloween costume yet? I don’t really have one big costume planned–I’ll probably be Lydia Deetz on Halloween, a dead Victorian a few days before, and since I just picked up a set of custom-fitted fangs, I assume I’llĀ  be transforming into a vampire throughout October and beyond…

Dia De Los Muertos costumes… I guess that’s getting to be kind of overdone by now, but that doesn’t make this wig by Candy Crypt any less awesome.

Even though I’m already settled on my plans, I realize not everyone makes their Halloween plans as far in advance as I do. I collected a few of my favorite looks, and for those of you who’ve been putting things off to the last minute, hopefully these will offer you a bit of inspiration.

This costume is my favorite. It’s Effie Trinket inspired (the super-intense-looking lady from The Hunger Games). Personally, I don’t really think this comes close to resembling anything Effie wears, though I’ve only seen the movie, so who knows? But look at this thing, it features a freakin’ dinosaur bra. Sick. By Janice Lousie Miller/Glaciermilk.

I don’t know why anyone would want to be sexy Monopoly for Halloween, but just know that it is an option. By Mad Toppings Corsetry.

These Pony Ears by Yayahan are super simple, super inexpensive, and super creepy to me. So, in other words, an all-around win.

Okay, this is my second skeleton costume pick, but come on, how cute and comfy does this look? By PokCosplay.

Okay, so here’s yet another dose of silly, but you love it. Adorable Shark Attack hoodie dress by Smarmy Clothes.

Last up–I’m not gunna lie, I like Twilight, but I think it’s about time we stop linking vampires with awkward teen angst, and get back to associating them with elegance and dark romance. I’m always a fan of the sophisticated vamp. This silk gown comes from Romantic Threads (photo by Jen Garcia at

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