So Cute, It’s Creepy

September 3, 2012 | Posted by rissvandal

It’s been a while since I’ve hit you with a dose of cuteness. I realized it’s been all skeletons and darkness on here for a while, so my plan was to balance things out with some adorable lolita finds, but then I came across this “NeaPAWlitan Sparkle Collar” by Locketship.

It’s cute alright, but in my opinion, ice cream cones topped with kittie heads also teeter on the verge of creepy. And so I decided to continue in that direction–so cute it’s…kinda creepy.

Next up is a custom-made Radish Scarf by Twinkie Chan, which is cute in a “that adorable radish is totally trying to strangle you to death” sort of way.

I love this decoden toast iPhone case by Silver Leica because, why is the toast dripping? I don’t know. I guess it’s supposed to be syrup (white?) or something? But it doesn’t matter–so long as it’s cute, rules don’t apply.

And here we have a Narwhal hat by Little Popos–custom-made to fit a child or an adult. On a child, this hat would be the most precious thing imaginable. On an adult it might give me nightmares.

And last up, let me introduce you to my two adorable friends–Toilet Paper and Poo. This charm comes from BoredInc.

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