Strange and Sunshiney Days

August 18, 2013 | Posted by rissvandal

Have you ever seen the video for the cover of “Strange Little Girl” Tori Amos did back around 2001? It’ll always remain one of my favorite videos for its creepy beauty and dark ambiance, and it’s forever creeping into my subconscious. Although altogether difference in terms of atmosphere and tone, there’s a part of me that thinks that that video was somewhere in the back of my mind when we put things together for this shoot.


I held on to these images for a while. It was my first shoot with a new Nikon and without even a day to toy around with it ahead of time, I failed to realize my camera settings were out of wack, and so I was a little bummed out about the image quality. That aside, I do think some of the images came out pretty nice nonetheless, and my model, Bianca Di Paolo, did a lovely job prancing about with a bundle of balloons amidst the rubble on a windy day. And ain’t that the cutest damn pixie cut you’ve ever seen?


This outfit is a combination of thrifted and offbrand pieces, with the exception of the Iron Fist blazer. And even though these pics still play upon the whole black and red goth thing I love to work with so much, note that it’s more playful than that usual moody/broody thing I do. There seems to have been a disturbance in the force, my friend.


I don’t exactly know how or when it happened, but in the last few months my love of all things dark and spooky seems to have taken a backseat to cuteness and kawaii culture. I think I took these pictures just about when the shift started to occur, so you can only see traces, but I’ll show you later this week just how unexpectedly deep I’ve delved into the world of kawaii. I’ve been wearing bows and pink and doing lots of cutesy poses and using too many emoticons (^_^)…I don’t know what the hell’s going on here. But we’ll talk about that later.


So what do you think about the latest photo set? Feel free to leave any comments below.


2 Responses to Strange and Sunshiney Days

  1. Cheri Sundra says:

    Great set! Love the balloon floating past the now demolished Hotel Sterling…..

  2. VJ says:

    OMG Hotel Sterling! so cute balloons! Love love love it.

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