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Wizard World Philly: Cosplay, Cosplay, And More Cosplay

June 7, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

It had been about three years since the last time I went to the Wizard World Comic Con in Philly, and to tell you the truth I have no idea what I was doing all that time, thinking I could do without my annual nerd fix. I dearly missed making friends with indie artists, witnessing impromptu light saber battles, and primping in the ladies room next to various Naruto characters.


Couture Noir Alice Costume by Heavy Red

October 24, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

Most of the time Halloween is about the spookiest, creepiest, and sexiest costumes you can find. But once October hits I always look forward to seeing what  elegant new costume Heavy Red  has come up with. If you haven’t seen it yet, this year they’ve designed another wonderfully dark take on Alice in Wonderful with their Couture Noir Alice costume package.


Body Painting. I’m semi-intrigued…

June 7, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

I’ve got to admit, I’ve never been a big fan of body painting. Something about it just always struck me as sort of tacky. I haven’t necessarily changed my mind on the subject, but I recently saw these pictures Aprella modeling the body art of Dani Fonseca, and it sort of sparked my interest.

It drew me in enough to work to check out more of Dani Fonseca’s work. It’s just a taste, of course. Here you can see just how intense some of her work gets.

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