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Friday, I’m in Love: Comics, Crystals, and Bad Batz-Maru

February 7, 2013 Posted by rissvandal

I’ve come across a lot of great finds lately, though not all of them warrant their own post, so today I thought I’d mention a few of the odds and ends I’ve been psyched about and dying to share. I’m thinking this should be a recurring feature–sharing not just my favorite fashion and beauty finds, but anything else that’s made an impression, including from housewares, websites, and maybe even the occasional dose of nerdness.

Bad Kitty Rider Jacket by UNIF Clothing / Badtz Maru Skirt by Japan L.A.


Studded outerwear and biker jackets are basically a wardrobe staple at this point, and are becoming kind of tired, so I’m glad to see that UNIF continues to add variety and innovation to the trend. They have a lot of great designs–studded army jackets, spiked fur coats, but their Bad Kitty jacket is my top pick. As for the Badtz Maru overall skirt…would I wear it? That I’m not so sure about, but I love it. And while a lot of people roll their eyes at grown women rocking Sanrio, why give up something you love just because of age? And if that thing you love just happens to come in the form of a badass miniskirt, even better.

Untitled-2 (more…)

Punk Rock + Barbie + Cats? Fair Enough.

August 16, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

Audrey Kitching just released a new mini line for Coco De Coeur called “Role Models”. There’s a definite punk rock influence in all of Kitching’s designs for this label (which I love), along with pink Barbie sugary-sweetness, and now…cats.
















There are aspects of this label I don’t exactly love. It seems I still retain enough teenage subcultural pretentiousness to feel iffy about anything that makes punk seem cutesy. (more…)

Sober and Sexy Scene Queens?

July 18, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

I apologize. I’m taking a week off from Model of the Week postings. I didn’t have the time to find someone who really struck me this week, and I didn’t want to post just for the sake of posting.

Anyhow, what I did come across this week is Sober is Sexy, a clothing company that was founded last year by a three-part crew that includes former scene queen, Hanna Beth. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, Hanna Beth became known for dating the lead singer of Metro Station, and galavanting around with Audrey Kitching when they were both in their sickeningly sweet scenester phases. 

The whole reason the brand caught my eye attention is because every time I see a girl whose occupation is initially summed up as “scene queen” I’m greatly interested to see what the heck they plan to do next. Well, apparently one of the things she chose to do was start an anti-drug crusade, in the form of cheeky T-shirts. And I guess that’s cool. (more…)

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