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Strange and Sunshiney Days

August 18, 2013 Posted by rissvandal

Have you ever seen the video for the cover of “Strange Little Girl” Tori Amos did back around 2001? It’ll always remain one of my favorite videos for its creepy beauty and dark ambiance, and it’s forever creeping into my subconscious. Although altogether difference in terms of atmosphere and tone, there’s a part of me that thinks that that video was somewhere in the back of my mind when we put things together for this shoot.


I held on to these images for a while. It was my first shoot with a new Nikon and without even a day to toy around with it ahead of time, I failed to realize my camera settings were out of wack, and so I was a little bummed out about the image quality. That aside, I do think some of the images came out pretty nice nonetheless, and my model, Bianca Di Paolo, did a lovely job prancing about with a bundle of balloons amidst the rubble on a windy day. And ain’t that the cutest damn pixie cut you’ve ever seen?

Bia4 (more…)

Lydia Deetz Goes to London…With Some Weirdo Dogs

January 15, 2013 Posted by rissvandal

For the first time in a long time, I don’t know how I feel about a collection. Amy Currie’s new Lydia Deetz-inspired line is the epitome of creepy cute, so I should love it, right? But something about it holds me back from swooning–I think I like the idea far more than the application.

deetz-playsuit-penelope-web (more…)

Courtney Love’s Been Up To Something…And It’s Pretty Damn Awesome

October 24, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

I never expected to be so excited about a celebrity clothing line (unless maybe Siouxsie Sioux decided to take up design), but as soon as I heard about Courtney Love’s upcoming line, Never The Bride, I was stoked. That lady is a mess, but an absolutely fabulous one at that, and judging by the teaser images she released via Twitter, this will definitely beĀ  something worth keeping an eye on.

The line looks to be ultra-feminine with a sort of sexy, messy edge–which is right in line with what I’d expect from Love, judging from her personal style.


Model of the Week: Steven Lai

April 23, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

Steven Lai is a designer who just happens to model as a hobby. I love his versatility…and how he skirts the line between masculinity and femininity. I’ll add him to my very short list of men that I feel can model alternative fashion without looking like parodies or boys playing dress up on Halloween…

StevenĀ has a Masters in Fashion and Knitwear and Design and he made his collection debut in 2010. Here’s just a quick peek at some of his work, however, you can check out more of his design work here.

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