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Get Psyched About The New Year (And My Jeantrix Eyepatch)

January 2, 2012 Posted by fashionvandals

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays! Sorry about the lack of posts these last two weeks. I took a little internet vacation since I was busy seeing old friends, hosting parties, and frolicking around in my new faux fur coat and Jeantrix eyepatch (I finally got one!!) to settle down at my laptop for more than a few minutes at a time.


Gothic Beauty Issue #34

October 13, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

Hey everyone, just a quick note–if you didn’t already know it, Gothic Beauty Magazine #34 is out and on store shelves. Even though this is slightly old news, I held off on because I know some Barnes & Nobles stores got the issue stocked a little later than expected.














I bring this up not just because I enjoy the magazine, but because this is my debut issue as a staff writer! To start things off I wrote the Kathleen Marie Couture cover story, and I reviewed Sugarpill Eyeshadows and scents by The Morbid the Merrier.

So pick up a copy and check it out!

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