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Courtney Love’s Been Up To Something…And It’s Pretty Damn Awesome

October 24, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

I never expected to be so excited about a celebrity clothing line (unless maybe Siouxsie Sioux decided to take up design), but as soon as I heard about Courtney Love’s upcoming line, Never The Bride, I was stoked. That lady is a mess, but an absolutely fabulous one at that, and judging by the teaser images she released via Twitter, this will definitely be  something worth keeping an eye on.

The line looks to be ultra-feminine with a sort of sexy, messy edge–which is right in line with what I’d expect from Love, judging from her personal style.


UNIF, I Love You, Get A New Lookbook

March 12, 2012 Posted by fashionvandals

A brand I’m currently obsessing over is UNIF–trashy, grungy, totally punk rock, but featuring an amazing variety that spans from torn up tees and bondage miniskirts to ethereal LBds and glam velvet robes. But the one gripe I have  is that, based on their lookbooks, you can barely decipher what they have to offer.


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