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Haircuts and Doll Hairs

November 18, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

It takes a village to cut my hair. I get an idea for a cut, then someone yells at me and reminds me it’s not logistically possible, then a handful of other people gradually join the conversation, weighing in and offering their best guess as to how a haircut I chose that’s clearly meant for people with straight hair can be tweaked for someone with crazy curly, frizzy hair (I straighten it every single day). Case in point–I wanted an undercut, however, that wasn’t gunna happen unless I like the idea (I don’t) of having a full, legit fro as the buzzcut grows back in.

I could, however, get a large chunk of my hair cut super short, which is indeed what I did. I know, I know, it’s nothing crazy drastic, though I actually did get a bit more cut once these pics were taken, but I’ve pretty much been sick and mostly in bed now for a week and counting, so I’ll take some better styled pics once I’m back to my old self again. (more…)

New Haircut and Making Peace with Mullet Mishaps

November 18, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

So I just got my haircut, something I used to do without a second thought until the infamous MULLET incident. After that, I had to cut my hair immensely short and I then promised to never get a haircut again for as long as I lived. But promises are meant to be broken (isn’t that how it goes?) so I went ahead and decided on a change, albeit, a sort of subtle one.

















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