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Strange Days Winter 2011 Collection

November 29, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

I was on a bit of a hiatus from jewelry-making for a while, but I finally got back to work and all of my new designs are currently on sale on my Etsy shop.


Model of the Week Revisited: An Interview with Lady Noctis

September 19, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

A number of months ago I introduced you to Lady Noctis, the petite alt-model and visual artist from the U.K. who’ s often found in Bizarre Magazine and has modeled for quite a few dark fashion and fetish clothing companies, such as Jane Doe Latex and Artifice Clothing. Recently I got a chance to know Lady Noctis a little better, and she  told me about early interest in fetish clothing, her inspirations, and the challenges she faces due to her height (she’s 4’11”).

I read that in your teens you became interested in waist training and fetish clothing. Tell me a bit about your teen years and growing up…did you have access to subcultures or communities that shared your interests?

My first taste of corsetry and latex was introduced to me when I was an adolescent. It was apparent within all art forms and movies that I love and adore; the aesthetics of them and the way they transformed the human body as well as their personality just fascinated me. When I was about 16 I purchased my first waist training corset, which I saved up for for quite some time. The instant I put it on, I felt a change within myself; not only within my figure but in the way I held myself. I could not afford any latex until I was 19 and with that I bought myself a custom-made Harley Quinn costume (Catsuit and Headpiece). There is not that much of a fetish scene in Wales so I never got any idea of it until 20. This was from discovering the Torture Garden, as well as some smaller clubs that seemed more suited to my attire…  (more…)

Strange Days Jewelry Update

August 23, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

If you check out the shop for my jewelry line, Strange Days, you’ll notice that there’s not too much up for sale at the moment. But that will all change within the next few weeks, because I’m about halfway through the creation of the Fall collection, which I hope to have available by the end of September.

And though the selection’s a little bare at the moment, there have been some exciting things happening for Strange Days lately, most notably, being featured in a recent photoshoot with alt-model, Lady Noctis.

Lady Noctis was a past featured Model of the Week, and I’ll actually be interviewing her for the blog very soon… You can check out all of the images from the shoot, here.  All images courtesy of ©

Model of the Week: Lady Noctis

March 21, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

Model of the Week: Lady Noctis

Lady Noctis is not quite as made up and over-the-top as most of the models I feature here, which is precisely why I chose her this week. She goes light on the make up, and she’s involved in a lot of shoots where her natural self is allowed to shine through, which is somewhat of a rarity in alt-modeling. She’s young and doesn’t have an incredibly extensive list of work experiences, but she’s already graced the pages of Bizarre Mag a handful of times. Not to mention, she’s also a published illustrator. You can find out more about Lady Noctis, here.

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