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Dark Style in the Summertime: Don’t be a Melty Goth

July 1, 2013 Posted by rissvandal

I bring it up because I’m guilty of it myself, but more importantly, because I care. Last year I was stubborn. I didn’t care to conform to the changing weather–I decided that the sun should somehow conform to me. I worn tight black bustiers in the sweltering heat, black tights under shorts with knee-high boots, and I refused to stop layering. But my friends, you deserve more than constant discomfort. You don’t deserve sweat pooling down your back or forced smiles to prevent those around you from saying “I told you so”. Instead of fighting summertime, embrace it and learn to work with, not against it.


Dress: h. Naoto / Hat: Payless / Sandals: Offbrand

As I say all of this, realize that I have a primarily black wardrobe, and have no intentions of changing that. What you need to rethink in the summertime is not necessarily colors, but fabrics and fits. Think breathability, movement, and if you’re going to wear something fitted take advantage of light fabrics, cutouts, and short hems. And c’mon, if the temperature exceeds 80 degrees, take some time to seriously reconsider anything involving boning, pvc, lace sleeves, latex, or shoes that lace up beyond the knee…

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YRU’s Sky-High Perfection

January 13, 2013 Posted by rissvandal

YRU–“created to create; inspired to inspire; liberated to liberate”–or in other words, badass, innovative designs, and my new favorite shoe brand to lust over.


YRU has a punk rock edge with high-end polish, and their platforms hit me with a dose of Spice Girl-era nostalgia. My fave from the collection is this pink and black leopard beauty, but more in theory than application–I’m a total chicken when it comes to shoe heights.

Clarity-multi (more…)

My Mother–She’s More Punk Rock Than She Knows

May 15, 2012 Posted by fashionvandals

I of course realize that Mother’s Day has passed, but really, is it ever too late to write a post about mom? I think not.

“Aww, you should have worn your cat ears today! They would have made a great conversation piece,” my mother said to me while we were getting ready to meet up with the rest of our family for a Mother’s Day party. I couldn’t help but smile at the unexpected remark–it shows how far my mother and I have come since the teen year arguments about torn fishnets, combat boots, and my excessively gloomy style.


UNIF, I Love You, Get A New Lookbook

March 12, 2012 Posted by fashionvandals

A brand I’m currently obsessing over is UNIF–trashy, grungy, totally punk rock, but featuring an amazing variety that spans from torn up tees and bondage miniskirts to ethereal LBds and glam velvet robes. But the one gripe I have  is that, based on their lookbooks, you can barely decipher what they have to offer.


Kevork Kiledjian Fall/Winter 2011-12

December 6, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

I would love to get a hold of something from Kevork Kiledjian’s Fall/Winter 2011-12 Collection. First off, are those sheer leopard pants? Whether they are or not, hell yes.


Giuseppe Zanotti Design

November 24, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

Shoes by designer Giuseppe Zanotti cost an enormously pretty penny, but they’re beautiful works of art.












Ying Edge and the Perfect LBD (Leopard Blue Dress)

November 21, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

I love leopard print and I always have. It’s gaudy, it’s tacky, but it’s been a staple of my wardrobe for years. I’m always looking for new designers who do leopard print justice, and when I saw these Ying Edge designs I actually was giddy.















Toxic Vision Continues to be Badass. No Surprise There…

November 9, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

It comes as no surprise that Toxic Vision released yet another collection of edgy, lust-worthy designs.


Beat the Cold with an Iron Fist

October 19, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

You should already know that I’m quite the fan of Iron Fist Clothing, and after seeing their newest collection, it looks like they’re going to be a great brand to turn to as the wintry chill approaches.


Coloron Pro Instant Eye Shadow (aka Temporary Eye Tattoos)

July 20, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

I know I’ve been a little tattoo-happy lately, but in the midst of the great tattoo product test, I truly fell in love with a product for reasons far beyond novelty.


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