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Wizard World Philly: Cosplay, Cosplay, And More Cosplay

June 7, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

It had been about three years since the last time I went to the Wizard World Comic Con in Philly, and to tell you the truth I have no idea what I was doing all that time, thinking I could do without my annual nerd fix. I dearly missed making friends with indie artists, witnessing impromptu light saber battles, and primping in the ladies room next to various Naruto characters.


The Transformation Continues…

May 30, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

When I first announced I’d be creating a cosplay costume for Wizard World Comic Con, I promised to keep you guys posted throughout the creative process. A lot of people have been asking how the costume’s been going, and if it seems like I’ve been a bit quiet on the subject, I haven’t forgotten. It’s just that the journalist in me has always worked best under pressure, and I really hadn’t done much more than plan until this past week.


Cosplay Adventure Time

April 17, 2012 Posted by fashionvandals

First off, I want to give you a heads up that you should expect a healthy dose of nerdiness in the coming weeks…

The Wizard World comic con I’ll be attending in Philly is just two months away, and after much deliberation, I’ve finally settled on my cosplay choice. My initial thoughts were Lynn Minmei from Macross, Urd from Ah My Goddess, or Lady from Devil May Cry, but I finally settled on Morrigan from the Capcom fighting game, Darkstalkers, but with a twist…


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