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Looking Back at School Days, Zombie Makeup, and Fashion Fails

September 3, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

It hadn’t occurred to me that school starts for most kids in the next week or so, until I saw a newsletter from my old high school sitting on my parents’ kitchen counter. Of course, I hadn’t realized because “Back to School” means absolutely nothing to me, considering I haven’t had a proper first day of school since about 2008.

The realization lead me to crack open a few photo albums–though not so much to reminisce, as to take a look at my style progression. My interests and influences have remained consistent through the years–ever since I hit double digits I’ve loved all things dark, bold, and punk rock–although when I look back, I’m reminded that my lack of funds, resources, and a strict music diet of street and horror punk all lead to some interesting fashion choices in my high school/college years… (more…)

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