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Ddong Poop-Themed Cafe in Insadong

April 3, 2016 Posted by rissvandal

Last year while I was working as a kindergarten teacher in Seoul, one day I had to take my students to a puppet show. The puppet show was entirely in Korean, so I never understand exactly what was happening, but I did know one thing–it was about poop. I sat through an entire maybe 30-40 minute long puppet show about farting raccoons with indigestion that had to battle evil alien space poops. Why am I telling you this? Well that whole puppet show served as my introduction to Korea’s interesting relationship with poop. In a country that has a toilet-themed park and a well-known dung-obsessed cartoon character, that puppet show really wasn’t all that odd.

ok2Might I also add that maybe only a week or two after arriving in Korea I was quickly introduced to “dong chim” aka “poop needle” aka the “funny” prank some of my students would do where they’d make their hands into a gun shape and try to poke their fingers up my butt. All that said, when I found out there was a poop-themed cafe just a couple train stops from my house, I was a little less surprised than you might expect.
ok4 (more…)

So Cute, It’s Creepy

September 3, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

It’s been a while since I’ve hit you with a dose of cuteness. I realized it’s been all skeletons and darkness on here for a while, so my plan was to balance things out with some adorable lolita finds, but then I came across this “NeaPAWlitan Sparkle Collar” by Locketship.

It’s cute alright, but in my opinion, ice cream cones topped with kittie heads also teeter on the verge of creepy. And so I decided to continue in that direction–so cute it’s…kinda creepy. (more…)

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