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The Blues of Ms. Vondasblut

November 29, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

Ugh, major technical difficulties lately, so I apologize for the lack of blog posts in the last two weeks. But my latest photoshoot, featuring the witchy, Maria Vondasblut, should make up for it.

This was a fabulous project to work on. All credit goes to Maria on this one. She showed up to my house with a sea of gorgeous black dresses and her monstrous makeup kit. While I hung out with a friend, drinking black coffee and talking about the intensity of Robert Smith, I left her to work her magic.


Stay Warm, Transform Into A Sophisticated Muppet Birdperson

November 12, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

This is my favorite time of year for fashion–right when it’s chilly enough to rock a bunch of layers and look polished in decorative scarves and peacoats, but not so cold that we have to pull out all the hardcore winter wear and look like a bunch of awkward, bundled idiots (no one looks cool in a bubble coat…no one).

I rounded up a collection of sweaters and outerwear I’m currently lusting over, and looking back at my picks, I primarily favor one of two things–sophistication or some serious Muppet-ation.

I can’t say I’d actually wear this brown dip-dyed explosion of faux fur, but I’m pretty pumped that it exists, and that there’s at least one girl out there that’ll be bold enough to spend her winter as some sort of glam Chewbacca.


October Recap: Nonstop Vampire Party

October 31, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

I hope you all had a lovely Halloween : ) To tell you the truth, my Halloween day was actually pretty chill, but that’s mostly because I’ve been celebrating an early, extended holiday for the last two weeks or so. So what was my Halloween costume? Technically I’d say vampire (I was supposed to go with Lydia Deetz but I bought the wrong hat, didn’t realize till the last moment, blah blah blah), but here’s a look at my various costumes from the past few weeks.

I was a vampire.


Sexy Monopoly, Godzilla Bras, and Sophisticated Vamps–My Halloween Costume Faves

October 16, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

Have you picked your Halloween costume yet? I don’t really have one big costume planned–I’ll probably be Lydia Deetz on Halloween, a dead Victorian a few days before, and since I just picked up a set of custom-fitted fangs, I assume I’ll  be transforming into a vampire throughout October and beyond…

Dia De Los Muertos costumes… I guess that’s getting to be kind of overdone by now, but that doesn’t make this wig by Candy Crypt any less awesome.

Even though I’m already settled on my plans, I realize not everyone makes their Halloween plans as far in advance as I do. I collected a few of my favorite looks, and for those of you who’ve been putting things off to the last minute, hopefully these will offer you a bit of inspiration.


Alexander McQueen and Beekeeper Chic

October 4, 2012 Posted by rissvandal

I can’t get over how stunning the new McQueen Spring 2013 collection is. One reviewer called the collection “slightly mad,” which I think is an indication that designer, Sarah Burton, is doing something right. Every season she’s managed to create new collections both surprising and thought-provoking.

The collection is opulent and ultra-feminine, with an edge. Burton managed to combine fishnets, petticoats, and luxe beekeeper hats and somehow make it all seamlessly fit together.


Let’s Play Pretend: How I’d Get My Burlesque On

February 20, 2012 Posted by fashionvandals

One of my best friends is taking burlesque lessons this week, and this post is inspired by her. I’ve been in love with burlesque for quite some time, especially since seeing the work of the amazing Veronica Varlow, and talking to some local burlesque performers, such as Keycifer Black. I love the performance art itself, but I can’t deny that a large part of my love and fascination comes from the personas they create, and the ornate costumes. I started thinking, if I were a burlesque performer, what would I wear?


H. Naoto Frill S/S 2012 – Cute Bows and Creepy Bunnies

January 9, 2012 Posted by fashionvandals

Take a look at some of the pieces from the H. Naoto Frill Spring/Summer 2012 collection. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m excited to see what other super cute and feminine, yet slightly creepy designs the collection will feature. (more…)

Strange Days Winter 2011 Collection

November 29, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

I was on a bit of a hiatus from jewelry-making for a while, but I finally got back to work and all of my new designs are currently on sale on my Etsy shop.


Spaceship Lolita

November 15, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

I want to continue where I left off with the last post, and fawn over some more wonderfully over-the-top designs.  The designs by Spaceship Lolita are a mix of pop, glam, with just a bit of darkness thrown in. 


Posh Fairytale Couture

November 14, 2011 Posted by fashionvandals

My gosh, these creations from Posh Fairytale Couture are insane (in a great way).


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