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Oozing with Style

March 12, 2013 Posted by rissvandal

Here’s a quick hit of mind-blowing absurdity from Urb Clothing. Undoubtedly there are times when you think “oh man, how fabulous would it be if my legs were melting right now?” Or “I want to give the illusion that there are fluids dripping out of my pants, but like, in a chic way, y’know?”


I think these melting tights are straight up crazy, but crazy in the way that makes me want a pair. $50 for legware that’s part creepy, part disgusting, and part trying too hard–I’d say that’s a decent enough price for an epic conversation piece.


And check it out in pink–totally looks like dripping ice cream. So, does anyone find these sexy? Or does anyone like the illusion of Gak (wooty wooh, throwback!) coming out of their pants? Seriously, let me know what you think about these, I’m curious.

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