The Blues of Ms. Vondasblut

November 29, 2012 | Posted by rissvandal

Ugh, major technical difficulties lately, so I apologize for the lack of blog posts in the last two weeks. But my latest photoshoot, featuring the witchy, Maria Vondasblut, should make up for it.

This was a fabulous project to work on. All credit goes to Maria on this one. She showed up to my house with a sea of gorgeous black dresses and her monstrous makeup kit. While I hung out with a friend, drinking black coffee and talking about the intensity of Robert Smith, I left her to work her magic.

My town is full of beautiful cemeteries, and cliche or not, most gothers and creepy kids around here (including myself) have one they claim as their own. I let Maria take me on a tour of her favorite destination,  the Forty Fort cemetery.

I have to sit down with Maria and have her teach me how to pull off contour makeup, because she totally kills it at that. And do you get a slight Lady Gaga vibe from this last pic? Cuz I do. It’s totally the eyes…

As always, feel free to leave some feedback, let me know what you think, leave Maria Vondasblut some love–whatever you’d like. Keep it fabulously creepy, friends.


2 Responses to The Blues of Ms. Vondasblut

  1. Anna Kitson says:

    This is the somewhat a dark yet beautiful blending of creppy and mysterious. I like it. Do go on with these posts.

  2. Hope says:

    Graveyards are one thing I can’t handle. I may be superstitious or what not, but I firmly believe in leaving the dead to their doings. Don’t mess with the dead. They can haunt you. Does that make me a scaredy-cat? Totally.

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