Time to Play: The Best of Alt Fashion Dress Up Games

March 3, 2013 | Posted by rissvandal

I’ve talked about dress up dolls before, but that was about a year ago, when I was still in the midst of my addiction.  Some people have cigarettes, other people social networking, and I had an incessant desire to play dress up games. And it’s not even like you win anything, I just had an insatiable compulsion to style. But whatever, it happens (does it?), and I’ve since faced my problem and cut down my dress-up gaming to maybe once or twice a month. I’ve become substantially more discerning as well–no more spending precious free time all too thoughtfully trying to decide what kind of shirt to place on Tracey Morgan (yes, even Tracey Morgan has his own fashion game).

Gothic Lolita

Gothic Lolita, Doll Divine

One of the best things about playing these games is seeing some of the bigger sites try to seem “in the know” in terms of alternative styles, which results in cringe-worthy choices at times–like a Pink Floyd tee appearing in a street punk dress up game (yes, street punk dress up games exist as well) or the distracting fact that a large majority of dress up sites have an “Emo” style category. Is that really still a thing? Didn’t the stylized emo culture just morph into some murky thing involving dubstep and bronies? I don’t, maybe for another blog post entirely…

Rebel Girl

Rebel Girl, Shidabeeda

All that said, here’s a round up of some of the truly wonderful alt fashion dress up games around the web–accurate to each style, sleek design, user-friendly, and with an impressive amount of customization options. Click the images to be taken to the playable game.

Gothic Lolita Style

gothic lolita style, dress up who

I realize I’m kind of pushing it here, because it’s really more historical than alt fashion, but this one was way too fabulous to leave out. Plus, Rococo style totally influenced aspects of goth culture, so I say it gets a pass.

Rococo Costume Creator

Rococco Costume Creator, Rinmaru

This one may just look like a generic princess dress up,  but as the title indicates, it actually features Hime Lolita style. I feel like you don’t really see the Hime Lolita look much here in the states. The flamboyant cuteness of Sweet Loli and Goth Loli seem to have overshadowed the quiet elegance of Hime Loli.

Hime Makeover

HimeMakeover Bonnie Games

Kawaii Emo Girl

Kawaii Emo Girl Rinmaru

Victorian Butterfly

Victorian Butterfly Doll Divine

Here’s a sugary-sweet fairy kei game, featuring, once again, a subculture I wish I saw more of in the states.

Fairy Kei Fashion


Emo Princess

Emo Princess Dress Up Spark

So are you tempted to go spend a couple of seconds, minutes, hours, styling fashionable digital dolls? Or are you going to shrug them off and question why the heck I made such a long post about this…?


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