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May 8, 2013 | Posted by rissvandal

First off, my suggestion is that you Youtube “Blood in My Eyes” by Calabrese while looking over this post, because it’s the perfect complement to these images of a should-be horror punk frontman.¬†


The pep talk before the shoot went like this: “You’re an undead rockabilly ghoul…go creep around the cemetery like it’s your home.” And then I’m pretty sure the words “look evil, and like you think you’re cooler than everyone” came out of my mouth as well.


A surprisingly minimal outfit for the blog, I know, but really my biggest goal was to make that pompadour happen. The jeans are Levis, the jacket Dickies, and the shoes, which had turned into some not-particularly-interesting-to-recount drama, though I now realize you can’t even see, were Converse.


I’ve been doing a bit of camera-hopping lately, and you might notice that the quality of these pics doesn’t quite match up with some of my other photo sets. Figured I’d point that out before someone else does¬† x_x (Is that even an emoticon? I felt it was appropriate).


I’m forever impressed with the staying power of Wet & Wild eyeshadows (Though mind you, I didn’t say the brand in general. Their finishing powder…ugh). Don’t discount drugstore brands–with just a tiny bit of eye primer we were golden, and those dead ghoul eyes were set for hours.


And much thanks to my model, Eric Iron, who decided to remain a ghoul for the rest of the night, even after the shoot. Maybe it’s because he realized he truly is destined to start a horror punk (or horrorbilly band), or maybe it’s because I forgot to bring makeup remover. Either one…

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