What Do Steampunks Smell Like? Steam Bath Factory Deodorant Review

February 19, 2013 | Posted by rissvandal

When you hear of steampunk scents, what are the first things that come to mind?

Does one of them smell like a typewriter wearing a monocle and spats? Or how ’bout a locomotive using a telegraph to send a message to a raven wearing a waistcoat?” (Thanks to Johnny B. for those guesses)


[Waahhh, messy workdesk]

Exactly. When you think of a scent catering to a particular subculture, your mind initially goes to the most ridiculous thing possible–a punk scent must smell like anarchy and a goth perfume would of course smell like clove cigarettes and Robert Smith’s tears. So first let’s get all the silly guesses out of the way–no, Steam Bath Factory products do not smell like goggles, or rayguns, or airships (or at least not the ones I’ve tried). So what do they smell like?


The two scents I have are Big Top and Full Moon, and Big Top is undoubtedly my favorite of the two. Big Top is sweet, but not sickeningly so, with a fruity scent that smells of either citrus or apple, and floral undertones. It’s a delicate scent, and it might be a bit of a stretch, but I might even say it has lovely, ladylike Victorian vibe. I highly recommend it.


[Yes, this picture is silly. Don’t think I don’t know that]

Full Moon,  is a heavy, somewhat soapy scent, and to be honest, it smells a bit like Degree antiperspirant, infused with vanilla.  That’s not necessarily a criticism, as it is pleasant overall, but for that you might be better off opting for the antiperspirant (remember, deodorant offers a clean scent and masks odors, it won’t actually stop you from sweating). However, while Big Top looks like a plain white stick of deodorant, Full Moon gets extra points for its antiqued brown tone and tiny brown flecks of steampunkery.


[My bedroom’s mini Victorian shrine]

Final verdict: I would buy Big Top again, but I’d skip Full Moon (though it’s currently unavailable on the site, so perhaps it’s been discontinued). I’d also be interested in checking out their other products and scents, sticking with ones that claim to have fruity or floral notes.

Image Credit: Airship illustration by Catell-Ruz




One Response to What Do Steampunks Smell Like? Steam Bath Factory Deodorant Review

  1. Brian says:

    Had no idea you could get steampunk scent. What will they think off next.
    Shame you can’t download smells via the internet:)

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