WNGTOBWFA Cosplay Dance Party

July 29, 2012 | Posted by rissvandal

Friday night I got a bunch of friends together and we had our “We’re Not Going To Otakon But We’re Fun Anyway” dance party. It was a small, pretty casual hangout–just a handful of people drinking bubble tea and dancing to anime theme songs and DDR remixes–but it was pretty awesome to see the costumes everyone came up with.

The previous weekend, I hosted a craft night at my apartment. I got started on my Balzac-lyric-emblazoned face mask and my friend effortlessly created an Espeon (it’s a Pokemon, for all you non-nerds) hoodie in just a few hours.

Here are a few pics of my costume. My intention was to look like a punk cat, but I think I look a lot more like a mouse…who plays in an 80s hair band. What do you think?

I have to apologize for the lack of clear, well-composed photos. It was one of those times where everyone was too busy running around and having fun to actually stop and organize a legit photo shoot.

Here’s the finalized version of my friend’s Espeon hoodie, and my roommate is dressed as Totoro (one of her markings is upside-down, she knows, but she created the costume an hour before the party, so it’s totally excusable).

And you may recognize the spaceman as my Wizard World Comic Con companion from a previous post.

After the party we all headed to a nearby park, and it seemed like we were being scoped out by members of our neighborhood watch or something. At least we had an audience for our little costume parade…

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  1. Carlos says:

    Great costumes.

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