Working With The Dead Boys

September 3, 2012 | Posted by rissvandal

Creepy kids gotta stick together, so when the dudes from dark indie band, Astorian Stigmata, asked if I could help out with a bit of photography, makeup, and filming, I was happy to lend a hand.

We did two photo shoots, and while I pitched in with some of the makeup and props, they were pretty much prepped from the start–decked out in lace top hats, special FX contacts and covered in acrylic paint and fake blood. Their style is a bit of anarchy, elegance, and….deadness, all rolled into one.

Since the majority of my shoots involve pristine shots of girls in fancy dresses on bright summer days (kind of ironic, now that I think about it), setting up odd shots in a shadowy basement amidst destruction came as a welcomed change.

I also jumped on tour with them for a little while, making stops in and around Chicago. Incidentally, Chicago was basically clothing heaven for me. Sadly didn’t have a camera on hand at the time, but me and the boys stumbled upon one particularly epic store where I picked up a burlesque bustle skirt and a claw ring, but I’ll get to those in another post in the near future…

Most recently I helped film parts of the video for their new single, “The Dancing Dead.” Homemade spotlights, legless dolls, mouthfuls of fake blood, glass and appliances hurled at walls and, well, just see for yourself…


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